About Kathy Bisbee

About Kathy Bisbee 

As the ExecutivKathy Bisbeee Director of community media incubator Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) Kathy is a practical implementer of projections, projects and perceptions, and is BIG’s “imagineer,” navigating and planning its future in a changing media landscape . Kathy weaves rich threads of narrative storytelling, media and technology education, and change management, opening new channels for empathy, resourcefulness and creativity.

She has helped non-profit and business organizations receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, state and local grants, earned income, and donations while pioneering digital inclusion and media literacy efforts, managing marketing and engagement campaigns, and working to protect the “post-apocalypse” future of community media from California to Massachusetts.

Kathy has served on the board of directors for a variety of local arts, media, education and technology collaboratives, including a four-year term on the national board of directors for the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), and also served as its fundraising chair.

Kathy is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and content creator. She recently co-founded the Public VR Lab, a new collaborative for public virtual reality literacy, production and the commons.

Kathy is frequently found debating GOT conspiracy theories, exploring new kayak routes, and being quite unreasonably curious.

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